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What about zirconium tooth coatings or metal-free porcelain systems are very popular in recent years.

Zirconium (zircon, zirconia) is a kind of metal found out at 18th century. It is used in lots of area from aerospace industry to military.

Zirconium metal is used; as a construction material of nuclear reactors by the reason of corrosion resistance and the feature of neutron absorption scantiness, in military due to its burning feature, in glass and ceramic industry and at the formation of fire resistant materials because of high melting point feature, at manufacture of lots of tool by the reason of corrosion resistance and as an infrastructure material at the enamelplasty applications because of its color.

Zirkon diş Metal Destekli diş farkı

Can It Be Applied to Whom?
Zirconium ceramic crowns can be applied to everyone. Zircon has no allergic properties so; its use is wide. There is no age range. Zircons have no harm in the body. Zircon ceramic treatment can be completed within 4 days.

What Are the Advantages?
The superiority of zircon crowns is greater in comparison with other metal-supported crowns. Zircons are white and translucent, so they transmit light. Since light permeability is closest to natural tooth, they reach natural tooth esthetics. This is not possible with metal-supported crowns. Zircons do not corrode, so they do not leave a color change or metallic taste in the mouth. It does not change color with external factors like coffee, tea, and smoking. Metal-supported crowns corrodein the mouth. Hot cold sensitivity does not develop by means of its insulator property.

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