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PRF Application

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In these applications, administration of PRF, a rich part of the blood thrombocyte, especially in gum disease and implant treatment, has a significant accelerating effect on healing.


The person’s own blood is taken, centrifuged and separated. This process is accomplished in the form of a gel and the blood is placed in the region where the defect is located. Swinging teeth, especially due to severe gum disease, provide extremely effective healing in problematic impant areas.


PRF Treatment Used Orally In The Following Procedures:

  1. After tooth extraction healing of the void
  2. Around the teeth to be treated due to gum disease
  3. Bone graft should be applied (to put bone dust in areas with a lot of bone loss) with bone graft material in regions
  4. Implant applications
  5. Treatment of rocking implants

PRF is a very reliable application. Since the patient is using his own blood, there is no risk of infection, disease transmission (HIV, Hepatitis), or allergy.

Implementation of the process;
Blood is taken at the same time as the patient’s dental treatment. The blood is separated by processing in the centrifugal apparatus for about 10 minutes. At this time, the tooth region has been cleaned and the blood gel-like portion is placed on the open tooth surface. This thrombocyte-rich part particularly promotes wound healing in the wound area, wound healing is much faster.

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