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Implant Treatments

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Fixed implants
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Implants are artificial titanium teeth that are used in place of artificial teeth that have been pulled out. They are used with a special construction techniques and have very good properties. The purpose of the implants is to create a bond between the implant surface and the bone within 2-3 months after placement in the jawbone. After this phase, a prosthesis can be attached to the implant.

Many people have come to realize over time that the prostheses are but a faint imitation of the teeth and that even simple functions such as talking and chewing, through the prostheses, are painful and uncomfortable.

As a result, research has begun to develop new systems that can replace and best serve the tasks of missing teeth in dentistry.

At this stage, dental implants are a solution where technology meets today’s needs.

Implant Tedavisi

In the implantation phase, the implant is placed on the patient under local (regional) anesthesia and under the condition of anesthesia.

After implantation, routine surgical procedures are performed.

The duration in which the implant connects to the bone takes an average of 2-3 months, which may vary in some cases.

After the implant treatment and the implant-bone fusion time, operations are continued as in a normal prosthesis and the patient receives new teeth.

What is the advantages of Implant?

Implant Provides a more aesthetic and more natural appearance.

Implant Teeth remain stable. Total (palate), partial or fixed dentures made on the implant do not play at all.

The restraint with the implant is maximal. Over time, bone loss occurs in the bone areas where the teeth are drawn, and the bones gradually fade. There will be some changes in the face profile depending on this. This bone loss is prevented by placing implants.

With the implant, the chewing function is improved and a more balanced and better nutrition is ensured. Thus, stomach problems that are caused due to not being able to break well are eliminated.

The impression of natural appearance and aesthetics with the implant increases self confidence.

Our Doctors

We provide all kinds of oral and dental health care services that do not require general anesthesia, using the most up-to-date equipment, within the framework of working with a team of specialists in the branch.

I established Zorlu Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in July 2017. I attended many congresses, symposiums and courses both in Turkey and abroad.

In 2010, he started the faculty of Near East University Dentistry. He graduated successfully in 2016.

She graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Dentistry successfully. She currently works in Zorlu Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic.